Graded Unit


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Graded Unit..........prove it by doing it !!!
The Assessment briefs for Graded Unit 1

1.Planning Stage Sound Production Assessment Brief ....
download link

2.Development Stage Sound Production Assessment Brief....
download link

3.Evaluation Stage Sound Production Assessment Brief.......
download link

Below is a few resources / summaries to get your teeth into regarding where to start and how to get the action plan underway

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Ohhhhhh how we love the powerpoint presentations!!!!!! Not a bad way really to back up the info we're covering these first few weeks
Get this bad boy down your through ASAP!!!!

Download link....
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Here are some download links for fancy wordy diagrams ...i mean mind maps that look at the graded unit subject and detail's all the related ideas, concepts and requirements.

Graded Unit Spec Mind Map download link..

Graded Unit Stages Mind Map download link...

Graded Unit Portfolio Content Mind Map download link...
Feedback sheet for Planning Stage

-Project Title
-Contents page
-Interpretation of brief evident
-Aims for the project set out
-Intentions made clear
-How the portfolio will be brought together, set out and organised is clearly evident
-Is current industry practice evident and reflected
-Objectives in place and clearly set out
-Swot Analysis of project in place.......
-Core unit skills identified and referred to as source
-The intended demonstration of these skills clearly evident in plan
-What information did you/will you gather in response to brief identified
-Where will you get this information..sources stated
-What research methods used clearly stated
-Resources required /to be used identified
-Stages and timescale identified and set out  in form of gaant chart
-Achievable and realistic timescale in place
-Evidence of scheduling 
-To do lists
-Clear demonstration in plan of....
Problem Analysis 
Creative Thinking
Consideration of options
Decision making with justifications
-Is plan easy to follow / well laid out / graphically pleasing

The Official Marking Sheets I'll be using for......

Guide to marking download link...

1.Planning link

2.Development link

3.Evaluation Stage ....
download link